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"Herron, a preacher and member of the Tennessee senate, contributes to Tyndale's Vital Questions series with a gentle yet powerful call for all Christians to be politically involved. Covering such topics as "Doing Justice" and "Protecting Life," Herron writes with sensitivity to the politically conservative members of his audience... Herron bases his arguments on scripture, particularly Jesus' many exhortations that his followers care for the poor. He sympathizes with his audience's distaste for government spending, but then gives examples of how government spending saves lives (including those of Herron's own premature babies).

He acknowledges conservative frustration with over-regulation of business, but then cites examples of unscrupulous business practices that defraud the elderly, hurt the poor and poison the water supply. Herron is gracious throughout, and frequently reminds his readers that God is not partisan, and that, if partisanship means "unthinking allegiance... [and] willingness to do anything to... achieve political ends," God's people shouldn't be either. While he includes a thinly veiled (and very mild) critique of some candidates' lack of "open-mindedness and humility," his book is full of encouraging reminders that Christian politicians and citizens of all political persuasions can, should and already do work for shalom in our society."

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"Herron, a former minister and Tennessee senator, presents the case for Christian political involvement. He argues people of faith have a duty to be good citizens and work for society's betterment, helping to create shalom--a state of wholeness, fairness, and order. Herron discusses servant leadership, biblical commands for justice, what makes a faithful politician, a vision of Christian citizenship, and more.

Chapters contain personal examples and helpful advice. Discussion questions are included at the end. The author persuasively argues why Christians should fulfill their biblical obligation to be informed citizens. This book will benefit all believers, not just those interested in running for office. For the later, the book could whet their appetite for more political involvement. Highly recommended."