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Senator Roy Herron

Roy Herron SERVICE. Now serving as his Party's Floor Leader in the Tennessee Senate, Roy has authored numerous laws enabling health care, attacking crime, helping victims, protecting children, empowering whistleblowers, establishing more stringent ethics requirements for government leaders, and defending freedoms, while for 20 years attending every legislative session except the day his youngest son was being born.

WORK. The former minister is an attorney and businessman who also teaches at Vanderbilt University's Law and Divinity Schools .

WRITING. Roy's first books are Things Held Dear: Soul Stories for My Sons (Westminster John Knox), Tennessee Political Humor: Some of These Jokes You Voted For (University of Tennessee), and How Can a Christian Be in Politics? (Tyndale House).

SPEAKING. Roy has educated, entertained, exhorted (and exhausted?) academic, business, church, civic, government, legal, literary and political audiences across the nation, and in all 95 Tennessee counties. If you would like Roy to speak to your group or organization, contact him here.

EDUCATION. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with highest honors, Roy studied New Testament and ethics in Scotland at St. Andrews as a Rotary Scholar, then became one of Vanderbilt University's first two joint divinity and law graduates.

PERSONAL. Residing in the county where his family settled in 1819, Roy enjoys the outdoors, marathons, triathlons, Scouting and time with his sons John and Rick (17) and Ben (13) and his bride of 20 years, Nancy .

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